About Me

Live Wild Media is a video production, photography, and graphic design agency based out of Spearfish, South Dakota. 

Founded upon the spirit of adventure, Live Wild Media is all about capturing the natural world, as well as the people that play in it, it all of their true beauty. 


The Guru:

My name is Adam Roosa, and I live to be outdoors. When I'm not out mountain biking, rock climbing, cross country skiing or snowboarding, I am usually found behind the camera documenting those same sports. 

I grew up in Gillette, Wyoming where during high school I took the photography classes that were offered. I was hooked. After I graduated from high school, I briefly attended the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, where I began to study mechanical engineering. During that time photography and art was simply a hobby. After 2 years I decided that engineering wasn't the path for me, and transferred to Black Hills State University where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication with a photography emphasis. The addition of video to my skill set was simply a natural progression to my creative process, and it has allowed me to grow creatively and professionally 


I have photographed basically every subject, including sports, studio photography, fine art black and white, color film and digital, and weddings. My time at the engineering school gave me a very technical view of the world, and I think it helped me develop my style of photography. I have developed a style that focuses on the technical side of photography and heavily utilizes technology in creation of the photos and videos.
I have a passion and dedication to my work that gives me the ability to create new and unique photographs and videos.