Of all the upness accessible to humans, there is no upness comparable to the Mountains

-John Muir



Aerial Imaging

Aerial cinematography has become a standard in production. I am FAA Compliant & Certified.



 Live Wild Media offers photography services, including commercial, real estate, backcountry expeditions, and more.


Video Production

By 2019 80% of traffic on the internet will be video. I can make sure you have great content to share with your customers.


Aerial Imaging


Video Production


I have been making videos for nearly 4 years professionally. I currently work full time for Black Hill State University, but I have also made wedding videos, and also completed video work for non-profits, automotive interest groups, and brands. Here is a selection of some of my best work. 


Though my current job is to create videos, I got my start in graphic design. This is a selection of graphic design work completed for Black Hills State University, The New Rushmore Radio Network, Proud Galleries, and The Rapid City Journal.

Black Hills State University (pdf documents)

    2015 BHSU Application Guide

    2015 BHSU Search Piece

    2015 BHSU Travel/College Fair Piece

New Rushmore Radio Network (pdf documents)

    2011 Listen To Win Ad Booklet

    2012 Kat Country Checkbook

Proud Galleries

    Johnny Cash - A Definitive Portrait

Rapid City Journal